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The two kinds of people who can’t…stop…talking!







Know someone who can’t stop talking? Interrupts everyone and carries on forever in long-winded pontifications? Is just a plain old chatterbox? Well, now’s our chance to say something, and we’re talking about the reasons why big talkers talk too much!

There are two categories of excessive talkers:


Talkers Whose Brains are in Overdrive

These talkers have something going on with their brain that is causing them to talk too much. Quite a few brain-based issues can cause excessive talking:

Anxiety-oriented disorders such as OCD and ADHD can create a need for lots of self-stimulus. Some people’s anxiety expresses itself by way of verbalization. You might see some other signs of OCD in this type of excessive talker, such as other anxious behaviors related to control, orderliness/cleanliness, checking things too often, etc. OCD talkers are prone to talking to themselves, even when no-one else is around, because their anxiety has them constantly chomping at the bit. If the issue contributing to the talking is ADHD, you may notice signs of restlessness or inability to focus well.

Bipolar disorder, during a manic or hypomanic phase. Anyone who goes through periods where they cannot stop talking rapidly who also has experienced depression should speak to a professional about possible bipolar disorder. While bipolar I disorder is very obvious and causes severe distress, the milder bipolar II disorder is not as noticeable, and is highly under-diagnosed. Bipolar II can be very subtle — many sufferers never know they have it. Excessive talking in people with bipolar disorder is generally rapid.

Asperger’s Syndrome (Mild Autism). People with Asperger’s Syndrome have a tendency to become very absorbed in certain subjects of interest to them, and may carry on about the same certain subjects without picking up on cues that the listener long ago lost interest in their explanations (usually of technical or esoteric topics, especially). When people with Asperger’s latch onto a subject of interest, they may go on endlessly about facts and details most people have no interest in. (Support for people with Asperger’s Syndrome is available at WrongPlanet.)

Attention-Seeking Talkers

Attention talkers dominate conversations with frequent interruptions, often about themselves. Whereas the above talkers talk because they feel neurologically driven to do so, attention talkers talk for psychological reasons – to keep your attention focused on them.

Attention-talkers typically have one of two personality disorders — Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD) or Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

With many who have Histrionic Personality Disorder, the urge to talk to gain constant attention is so great that excessive talking is listed as an official trait of the disorder. People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder may also talk a lot, because they seek more than their share of attention as well; however, a narcissist who talks a lot may also be histrionic as well. (People can also have traits of both disorders). You can peruse the official descriptions of the disorders at the links above and at right.

Join us next time — we’ll be discussing an age-old toxic trick — gaslighting.

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