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Immature or Aggressive ParentPicture
These parents are irrational, insensitive, and focused on themselves. Many are often impulsive and unstable. Some are just plain mean to their children.

Immature or aggressive parents are the ones whose children seek the most help. That isn't surprising when you consider that these personalities are the most upsetting and damaging.

Children of parents with immature or aggressive personalities sense from their earliest age that they often do not seem to matter very much to their own parent. With some of these parents, the only time the child's existence does seem to matter is typically when the parent needs or wants something the child can provide. The child is not a person to be discovered and supported, but is often viewed as competition, as a means to some end, (such as a household servant) or simply an unwelcome inconvenience.

Invalidation, dramatic outbursts, manipulation, dishonesty, insensitivity, ultimatums, anger and emotional instability are common in these parents.
Their expectations of their children are unreasonable, and their children often come second to the parents' wishes and emotional needs. Parents in this category have distorted expectations, fragile (or overblown) egos, and difficulty placing other peoples' needs over their own. This difficulty placing others' needs before themselves is in direct opposition to the role of parenthood, which requires an unselfish and compromising manner. Many of these parents seek some form of attention, assistance, or obedience at any cost. Their families are highly dysfunctional, and far too focused on the parents' needs, emotions and wishes.

Adult children of these parents emerge from childhood feeling worthless, insecure, guilty and divorced from their authentic selves - their own needs, wants, and values. They are full of fears and worries, and may have only a dim awareness of who they really are. Whether they force themselves into over-achievement to cover up the feelings of inadequacy or simply flounder about aimlessly, the typical child of these parents is (one way or another) not enjoying life very much, and never really has.

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